About SSA Music Publishing

SSA Music Publishing focuses on the artists, music and array of opportunities available in today’s music business. From bands to songwriters, labels to management groups and producers to music libraries, SSA Music Publishing prepares, pitches, protects and pays artists in a responsible, moral and professional fashion. Their music publishing services go well beyond just pitching the music. SSA Music Publishing assists with organization and education, registration and execution, administration and solicitation as well as collection and distribution. Their system, services and attention to detail shows how SSA Music Publishing is Preparing, Pitching, Protecting & Paying Artists.By exploring the options and defining the fundamentals of the music from the writing and the recording to the ownership, the business of the music is clear and secure. By researching options, exploiting current trends, maintaining existing contacts while building new relationships and connections for individualized pitches, the music is put out there. By keeping up to date with the changes in copyrights while maximizing and managing licensing opportunities and stopping copyright infringements, the music is protected and promoted. By Tracking, collecting and distributing the profits and royalties as per the established agreements, everyone gets paid what they should and when they should.

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